Structural Repairs are typically performed to mitigate existing damage or to provide added load capacity to existing buildings. This process also involves preparation of a design, permitting, and implementation (construction) of the design.  Cascade Crest Consulting Engineers has prepared repair designs for wood trusses, fire damage, dryrot, settlement and other building damage. 

Seismic Loss Estimation (PML) Studies are loss estimation studies that are performed based on noted seismic deficiencies and as compared to other similar existing structures. Probable Maximum Loss reports are intended to provide an estimation of seismic risks, and are normally compared to lender or buyers criteria.  A basic level of analysis is typically performed to determine building stability (i.e. collapse potential).  This level of review is typically considered Level 1 according to ASTM E2026 standards.


Seismic Retrofits or upgrades can be performed to mitigate or reduce the potential losses due to seismic events. This process usually involves preparation of a design, permitting, and implementation (construction) of the design.  Cascade Crest Consulting Engineers has prepared seismic upgrade designs for concrete tilt-ups, unreinforced masonry, wood frame apartments, and steel and concrete office buildings. 

Seismic Evaluations are seismic (or structural) evaluations and generally consist of a more in-depth evaluation of the structure to determine specific deficiencies or quantify deficiencies noted in previous studies. These evaluations are typically performed to determine the performance of critical elements in the building, and to identify potential repair or upgrades.  The evaluations range from ASCE41 Tier 1 reviews to computer modeling of the buildings.

Cascade Crest Consulting Engineers was established in 2002 to identify and minimize seismic risk to our clients, and to assist our clients with the continued use of existing buildings.

Since 2002, CCCE personnel have performed over 1000 seismic risks assessments (probable maximum loss reports) consisting of nearly 10,000 buildings and 1 billion square feet in high seismic areas including California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Alaska, Missouri/Tennessee, Nevada, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

In addition, we have performed seismic retrofit and structural repair designs for tilt-ups, multi-family apartment buildings, wood framed buildings, and reinforced and unreinforced masonry structures.

Depending on the clients needs, the following types of services can be provided:

Seismic Screening Studies are a Structural ranking of various types of buildings based on seismic deficiencies and expected performances based on a limited review. The reports are intended to determine significant deficiencies in structures and prioritize by importance for capital budgeting and planning.  This level of review is typically considered Level 0 according to ASTM E2026 and is generally used for larger portfolios.

Renovations of existing buildings often require structural engineering services for the modification, addition, removal or repair of roof, floor and wall framing.  Cascade Crest Consulting Engineers works with Architects, Owners and Contractors to provide structural engineering design services for the re-use and modifications of existing buildings.